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HomeReturn to the Blue Lagoon (1991)

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"Return to the Blue Lagoon (1991)"
Genre:Romance Release:August 1991 Length: Views:10655 Rate:70% star star star star star
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current rating: 7/10 (5 votes)


Return to the Blue Lagoon (1991) Description:

While the general theme of this film resembles "The Blue Lagoon" (the film for which this is a sequel), the basic plot is quite different. We open the film with a ship finding the craft with our original characters in it, Richard and Emmeline dead and Paddy alive. Established in the first film, the only word Paddy ever says is "Richard", so the crew assumes Richard is the infant's name. Taken in by Sarah, a widow with an infant baby girl Lilli, Richard (Paddy) is cared for in a return to civilization. Struck by cholera, the crew of the ship start to die and the captain sets Sarah, Richard, Lilli and a healthy crew member on a lifeboat in an attempt to preserve their lives. With water and food running short, the crew member escorting Sarah and the children becomes dangerous, so Sarah takes the only course of action she feels suitable to preserve the children: she strikes him and throws him overboard...

Return to the Blue Lagoon (1991) Comments:

2 years ago
Brian Orndorf

At 15 years of age, I wanted to live inside this screen world of freedom and loinclothed abandon. Today, I wanted these kids to fall on some coral.

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4 years ago
2009-11-23 10:23:08

want to watch full of the movie

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4 years ago
Full Review

Even the soft porn is a total yawn.

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4 years ago
Full Review

A movie whose best features are its lush tropical vistas has evident limitations.

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5 years ago
Variety Staff

Return to the Blue Lagoon is a pointless spinoff of the 1980 hit, which was itself a remake of a 1949 British pic.

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8 years ago
Full Review

Like a sex education film made by semi-liberated nuns, the movie keeps its sticky truths hidden beneath a veneer of leering cleanliness.

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10 years ago
Alex Sandell

Not even teen lust can justify watching this film.

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11 years ago
Caryn James

The Fijian background looks pretty, but there's no escaping the fact that the tropical flowers and trees seem smarter and more appealing than the people.

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14 years ago
Chris Hicks

Just say no.

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14 years ago
Kathleen Maher

They had to wait over ten years to make a sequel to Randal Kleiser's Blue Lagoon (which is itself a remake of a 1949 British movie) because they had to wait for a generation who wouldn't remember how really awful the 1980 film was.

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14 years ago
Hal Hinson

Up until now, I thought it was pretty near impossible to feel nostalgia for The Blue Lagoon. But darned if life isn't full of surprises.

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14 years ago
Roger Ebert

The sincere idiocy of this film really has to be seen to be appreciated -- not that I think there is any need for you to see, or appreciate, it.

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